4-digit 12-hour relay nixie clock

Show off your retro technology nerdiness with a single board 4-digit 12-hour nixie clock running off DPDT relay logic ready to power your choice of nixies or similar decimal display! The design uses a solid-state timebase and seconds counter for practical purposes so there is no constant clicking noise every second, but you do have the option to wire in an external 1Hz timebase from any circuit of your preference including more relay counters, a mechanical timer, or even vacuum tube based circuitry.

More documentation on this design can be found at www.electronixandmore.com. Make sure to check out the videos!

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CAUTION: The board generates voltages for nixie tubes that are significantly higher than what it takes in. It is your responsibility to ensure your safety when using the board.

Datasheet: RL1200_ds.pdf
Schematic: RL1200_sch.pdf

There is a limited quantity of 1st revision boards in stock that are available for sale at a discounted price because they require minor rework and bill of material tweaks. More information here: RL1200_v1_fixes.pdf. This document will be removed once all early boards are sold and replaced with a newer revision so please save yourself a copy of this PDF if you plan to order.

PCB only: $60.00 now $45 ON SALE because early boards have rework requirements
Status: IN STOCK